Because homeopathy is very cost effective and safe, especially in the case of pregnant women, babies and the elderly, I have found it to be extremely useful in clinical practice.  Homeopathic medicines can also be placed on little sugar balls which I find to be terribly helpful when trying to get compliance from young children who won't tolerate the taste of foul herbal medicines.  There are homeopathic hospitals all over the world that ONLY use homeopathic medicines and no Western Medicine with India being the leader these days.  This article is going to give you a basic Set of Homeopathic Medicines to keep in your first-aid chest to assist home prescribing for day-to-day incidences. 



The following homeopathics make up a First-Aid Kit, but depending on whether you have children and their age, you may not need all of them.  Bear in mind that homeopathics contain none of the original substance, some of which can be highly poisonous in their crude state, but instead, are highly diluted and tritrated (shaken)  to a point where none of the original substance remains.  Homeopathy is extremely difficult to "get your head around" and takes many years of clinical practice to understand so I often advise you to "just take the remedies as prescribed and not necessarily try to understand why in this instance". When my son was young he would experience convulsions when he had a high temperature and I found that giving him homeopathic Ferrum Phos in low potency every minute would bring it down faster than paracetamol.  This was one of my first truly enlightening experiences with homeopathy but I feel now is a good time to warn you - if the condition is serious please consult a Medical Doctor and don't try and treat it yourself.

Following is my choice of first-aid homeopathics that you can use for "everyday" occurrences at home but not meant as a replacement to sound Practitioner Advice and for a further over-view of what exactly Homeopathy is - please look it up in the Consultation tab of this website. 


  • Aconite
  • Ant tart (Antimonium tartaricum)
  • Arg nit (Argentum nitricum)
  • Apis
  • Arnica
  • Ars alb (Arsenicum album)
  • Bell (Belladonna)
  • Bry  (Bryonia)
  • Canth (Cantharis)
  • Cham (Chamomilla)
  • Ferrum phos
  • Gels (Gelsemium)
  • Kali bich (Kali bichromicum)
  • Ledum pal
  • Merc sol (Mercury solubis)
  • Nat mur (Natrum muriaticum)
  • Nux vom (Nux Vomica)
  • Phos (Phosphorus)
  • Puls (Pulsatilla)
  • Rhus tox (Rhus toxicodendron)
  • Staph (Staphisagria)
  • Symph (Symphytum)



Aconite is an excellent remedy for anxiety attacks and any situation where you may be experiencing fear or are frightened.  It is indicated, and indeed one of the first remedies of choice for when you are struck down suddenly with an illness that has fever, aches, colds, coughs and sore throats and just want to be left alone.  It is ideal for inflammation both of sinus/nasal membranes and muscles and specific for Influenza.  I find Aconite very useful combined with Ars alb if these symptoms are also associated with symptoms of nose running like a tap and sneezing.


Ant tart is mainly a homeopathic for the respiratory system with the major indication for use being a cough that has much rattling mucous with very little ability to cough the mucous up.  The person often has a thirst for a little cold water, and can be drowsy and sweating and may be experiencing pains in their muscles.  Ant tart also has a place when you are experiencing irritable bladder symptoms such as burning in the urethra during and after urinating and/or with increased desire to urinate.


Argent nit is the specific remedy for anticipatory anxiety.  You will also often observe that the person is trembling so I find it particularly useful for actors before a performance, athletes before a race, professionals before giving a speech etc.  Argent nit is particularly useful for the anxious person who experiences a lot of sugar cravings and they are often prone to bouts of serious throat infections/inflammations.


Apis is the main remedy of choice for insect bites of any type and helps with all the symptoms which include inflammation, redness, swelling, itching and pain.  I also use Apis quite often for allergic reactions such as hives.  I wouldn't be without this one in my first-aid kit.  See the article I wrote on Insect Bites for further hints.



Arnica is extremely useful for bruising but I find you get the best results when started immediately and not a day or so after the event.  Arnica is specific in any situation associated with bruising, trauma, sprains and or strains.  I used to carry it in my sports bag and have it before and after training when I was preparing for the World Masters Games to help with micro-tears, shin-splints and avoiding soreness the next day.  I still ended up with the right sided sciatica from all the hurdling but one high dose of homeopathic Lyc 200C put an end to that.

Arnica is great for surgical operations because there is much bruising and trauma associated, whether it be for wisdom tooth extraction to caesarean section.  Arnica is very good combined with Hypericum in cases where the bruising and trauma involves many nerve endings so it is a brilliant combination after surgery.  You can use a low potency and lots of repetition and start with a dose before surgery.  Lots of repetition in the first hour after surgery is then a good start decreasing down to hourly after a few hours and then two hourly the next day and four times a day from the following day till experiencing no pain.


Ars alb is the main remedy I will use at the first sign of a cold or flu where the eyes are watery and the nose starts to run, often like a tap and the mucous is clear.  The person is often restless, worse at night and exhausted after the slightest exertion.  It is also a beautiful remedy for itchy skin conditions.


Belladonna is always associated with heat and redness, throbbing and burning.  Even though the person will often have a dry mouth they will have no thirst.  They can be almost delirious and have glaring eyes, a flushed face, restless sleep and convulsive movements and noise aggravates them as does lying down, they like to be half-sitting up.



Bryonia is characterised by aching in every muscle where the pain is worse when they move and better when they rest up and are often worse in the chest area and aggravated by pressure.  Bryonia is best used in an unwell person when they are experiencing symptoms of excessive thirst, dry mouth, bitter taste, dry lips, a headache that feels like someone is pressing on the head, and dizziness when they raise their head.  In other words, everything is dry so it is even more indicated if they are constipated and have a dry cough.


Cantharis is the remedy of choice for bladder infections which are associated with raw burning and stinging pain, with the urge to constantly urinate being the major symptom, BUT, I hasten to add - if you have a bladder infection you really need to seek Medical Advice.


Chamomilla or chamomile flowers in the homeopathic form, is a beautiful remedy for kids who are teething and experiencing the symptoms of being whiny, full of colic and nothing seems to make them happy.  The tell-tale sign that infants need some Chamomilla when they are teething is if they have ONE red cheek.  They are irritable, sensitive, hot and thirsty and they often have "sweaty heads" which are more noticeable at night in bed.


Gelsemium is another good teething remedy but these kids don't like to be put down, they have a fear of falling and feel safer in your arms!  I have used Gelsemium quite successfully in a man who had a sensation of "cob-webs" on his face after a bout of shingles as it is an excellent skin remedy when indicated, but the onset of symptoms are slow and gradual unlike the progression of symptoms when using Aconite and Belladonna which have a very sudden onset.  Gelsemium acts on the central nervous system and the best results will be obtained from a person who is dizzy, drowsy, trembling and has a slow pulse.  it is also a remedy of choice when dealing with influenza and measles.


Kali bich is indicated where there is thick yellow mucous and where the mucous is typically quite tough and stringy and the discharges can be from the ear, nose, eyes or even coughed up after much hawking as the result of a cough.  I have also used it very successfully in numerous cases, and in high potentcies, for left sided sciatica and rheumatic symptoms.


Ledum pal is most useful when it comes to insect bites and even better when combined with Apis, so I would keep a mix of the two remedies on hand if your family is prone to insect bites.  Please read my full article on Insect Bites for more helpful hints on the subject.  Ledum is also an important remedy choice for arthritis or rheumatic conditions especially where the pain begins in the feet area and travels upwards affecting joints, and because it is better suited in an individual where the pain starts in the feet it is a particularly good choice for the pain of gout especially when used in combination with Colch.



Over the years I have found Merc sol to e an excellent remedy for mouth ulcers and often great in combination with Nit ac and/or Thuja depending on where the ulcers are situated in the mouth.  There is usually a lot of salivation and bad breath but they still have a thirst for cold drinks.  Merc sol is also an excellent remedy for right sided, swollen and dark sore throats where even the glands in the neck can be swollen as well.  Earaches with a smelly discharge can respond well also but do seek Medical Advice for any ear discharges as this can be very serious.  Conjunctivitis where the eyelids are red, swollen and stuck together responds well in most cases to Merc sol.  Merc sol can also be taken before and after any dental work that has any involvement with old amalgam (mercury) fillings.


Nat mur is the homeopathic of form of common salt and I find it to be one of the first things I grab when dealing with someone who is suffering with sinus and/or cracks in the corner of the mouth.  Used in combination with Bell and Sepia it is the most effective remedy I can think of for Cold Sores, but get rid  of chocolate and nuts in your diet at the same time.  There is often no discharge but if there is then it is better suited to a thicker clear to white mucous unlike Ars alb which is a nose running clear like a tap.  It is a great daily dose remedy for people suffering from mild depression, hyperthyroidism, goitre, Addison's Disease, diabetes, fluid retention or  gout but don't expect your symptoms to disappear overnight. 


Nux vom ( or "no vomit" as I call it) has the same symptom picture as a hang over or over-indulgence in rich food, in that it is for nausea &/or vomiting , indigestion, sour burping and heartburn.  I have found it to be very effective, not personally but with patients of course (giggle) for helping to prevent hangovers if taken before consuming alcohol or rich food and again before bed (if you remember) and is even more effective when taken in combination with a B group vitamin, namely B12..  It is also a remedy to keep in mind for morning sickness when pregnant.


Phosphorus is best suited to a person of fine build and pale skin, and they are often anxious and fearful of the dark.  Phosphorus will aid blood clotting so it is therefore mostly indicated where there is bleeding, blood noses, mild injuries, haemorrhoids or gum bleeds.  Phosphorus is also a great remedy for any respiratory disorders, dry racking coughs, croup, tickling in the larynx (especially when talking) which can cause coughs, hoarseness, very sore throats  - and they usually have a thirst for very cold water.



Pulsatilla is a sensitive person suffering from tears and rapid mood swings and especially suited to blondes.  It is particularly useful for thick yellow to yellow-green discharges which can be from the nose, the ears or even in the form of conjunctivitis of the eyes.  The person usually feels the cold and is not thirsty and easily upset and is likely to contradict anything you say.


Itchy skin is the first thing I think of when you mention Rhus tox followed closely by arthritic pain and joint stiffness which always improves once they start walking around.  The arthritis pains and strains will also be better for applying heat directly to the affected area 


Diseases of the genito-urinary tract with the associated symptoms of painful or difficult urination, retention of urine due to enlarged prostate, honeymoon cystitis and the skin respond best to the use of Staph as does swollen neck glands.  Staph can sometimes be a useful remedy for a person who is trying to give up tobacco/smoking and is worth giving a go.


Symphytum is the homeopathic form of Comfrey and the common name for comfrey is "knit bone", hence it is no surprise therefore that it is used for healing broken bones.  I have found this to be a superb remedy especially if commenced as soon as the accident happens and then kept up a couple of times a day till the bones have knitted, my observation being that it is usually a couple of weeks earlier than it would normally have taken.


I remember one day when I had only been consulting from the Medical Clinic for about a month, there was a little boy outside my room in his mother's arms waiting to see one of the doctors.  Luckily, this doctor spotted him between patients - the whole clinic went into "shut-down" with every doctor in the practice running to help and give their opinions.  This little boy had Meningitis and gangrene had already started to set in in a toe.  The doctors pumped him full of antibiotics and it was touch-and-go.  We didn't think he would live as he was wheeled out of the surgery by the Ambulance.  As I watched him being wheeled out the door I remember thinking to myself, "I couldn't have saved him!", that was my first experience with the realization that I can't "treat or fix" everything.  I have people coming into my practice all the time wanting "alternate" remedies and sometimes they really need Medical intervention, what is the point of having all these advances in Medicine if you don't embrace it - I strongly believe in "Complementary" Medicine where we should both be able to work side by side, Western & Alternate, being complementary to each other.  The little boy lived by the way and all he lost was one toe.





Date posted: 2013-11-12 | posted by: debras

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