Q. Can I take "Natural" Medicines at the same time as my doctors prescription medication?

A. Yes and No. You need to consult your Naturopath. Your Naturopath has studied your prescription medication whereas your Doctor hasn't studied Herbal Medicine or Homeopathy. Generally homeopathic remedies are safe to take with prescription medication but there are some herbs such as Ginkgo, St John's Wort and Golden Seal that need to be avoided if taking a prescription medicine that has the same action so please consult your Naturopath before taking a cocktail of Herbal medicines or Vitamins for that matter if you are also taking prescription drugs.

Q. Should I tell my Doctor I am taking Natural Medicine supplements?

A. Yes. Your doctor needs to note it on your patient records but be prepared for him rolling his eyes when you tell him! The unfortunate problem we find is that they want to know you are taking it, but when you tell them they often respond negatively.

Q. Can I stop my Prescription Medication and just take Herbal Medicine?

A. Sometimes. But NOT on your own undertaking. You would HAVE to consult a Naturopath and have careful assessment of your case history and your overall current state of health. It would also depend on what medications and how long you had been on them as well as your age. You can't just stop prescription medications abruptly, especially anti-depressants, HRT and prednisone and you would have to weaned off them if deemed appropriate, and I encourage this to be undertaken in conjunction with your Medical Doctor.

Q. Do I need to go to a Doctor or can a Naturopath just treat me?

A. A Naturopath is not allowed to diagnose or treat a medical condition. I will usually encourage you to see your Doctor first, get a diagnosis, see how he would treat you and then come to me for support and possible Natural Medicine approaches and alternatives.