Skype Consultations

The one thing I feel that sets me aside from other websites offering Skype consultations is that you will get to consult with me personally each and every time and not with a student fresh out of college or a practitioner you know nothing about, and more than likely a different practitioner every time. You get to draw on my 20 years of clinical experience. You don't need a babysitter, a car, petrol, travel time or time off work, nor do you have to find a car space or walk up the steps when you get to the clinic if you have a Skype consultation.

All Initial and Full Comprehensive Consultations are able to be claimed through your Health Fund simply by submitting the receipt that will be mailed to you after your consultation.I have patients who travel long distances from Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Northern New South Wales - imagine the convenience of being able to consult with me from anywhere in the world simply by turning on your computer, ipad or even iphone for that matter. I also have overseas patients in New Zealand, USA, New Caledonia and Japan who at the moment can only see me when they are in Australia.

Prior to your consultation all you have to do is go into Skype and type my skpe name which is defadebra into the search bar, I will then accept you and once you have booked a consultation time I will Skype you back from the convenience of your own home, office or whereever you happen to be - on holidays in Bali even!

Whilst my telephone/virtual (Skype) appointment times may seem short I want you to bear in mind:

  • I have been practising for 20 years
  • I will have already read your Patient Health Assessment Questionnaire and have an overall picture of your health and outcomes
  • I am not making up your herbal prescription and labelling as part of your consultation time
  • I am not writing your receipt and putting your credit card payment through as part of your consultation time.

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